Colours as bright as nature

Four documentary films on natural dyeing by Barbara Trottnow

Colourants from nature, obtained from roots, leaves, lice or snails, impress with their diversity and harmony. But this knowledge is in danger of being lost. In an open series, we present people and projects who are committed to preventing this from happening. They are searching for old recipes, trying them out and developing new processes. In this way, natural colours are gaining new attention around the world. Our films take us to Turkey, Germany, Mexico and France. 

Information about the films can be found on the following two pages. The films can also be ordered on DVD / BluRay or rented as DCP. To watch the films online, you will find the link to VoD there.

von Dieter Kaiser mit Pflanzen gefärbte Wolle im Film "Farben so bunt wie die Natur"

Nature’s color pot – 24 min – Dyeing in the DOBAG project

Colour Rush – 26 min – New colours with Dieter Kaiser

Purple of the Mixtecs – 16 min – Dyeing with sea snails

Purpurissum – 34 min – The journey of Inge Boesken Kanold